Common features

LED Status indicator

Display of the device status and (field)bus communication via multi-functional LED(s). Direct control of the data stream, easy check for correct connection and activation.

Adaptable baud rates

New FTDI chip generation allows also the adjustment of non standard baudrates. Selected driver components provide best transmission properties.

COM Port compatible

Full PC compatibiliy by transparent access via virtual COM port, for instance COMx (Windows) resp. /dev/ttyUSBx (Linux).

What type suits you best

USB to RS232

USB232CONV - Extra large protection

No more undefinable converter breakdown when connecting RS232 devices because of ±15 kV against ESD, short-circuit proof, high current load ±60 mA.

USB to Isolated RS232

ISO232 - 1 Mbps with active outputs

High isolating strength for safe connection of potential shifted devices. Active RS232 outputs by integrated energy transfer. No additional power supply necessary.

USB to Isolated RS485

ISO485 Box/Cable - Universal and safe

A lot of setup possibilities cover a wide range of RS422/RS485 bus applications. By their high isolating capability they are usable in critical environments with potential shift.



Image USB232CONV
Data rates 300...1 MBaud, also non-standard rates.
Handshake RTS/CTS, DSR/DTR, Xon/Xoff, all handled in hardware for fast reaction.
Protocol 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, None, Odd, Even, Mark or Space parity.
Signals Full set of RS232 modem data and control lines, support of break command.
Chipset FTDI FT232BM: Additional functions for high transmission safety, internal data buffer of 512 bytes (input 384 bytes, output 128 bytes).
Electrical Extra large ESD input protection of ±15kV, RS232 outputs short-circuit proof, high current loads ±60mA.
Isolation No
Featuring Configurable as parallel IO port with 3 inputs and 5 outputs (FTDI BigBang mode).
Connectors USB: USB Cable about 1 m length with PC compatible type A connection jack and integrated inductance. RS232: Standard RS232 DSub9 Male Connector with undetachable UNC screw nuts.
OS support Microsoft certified drivers for Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, Windows XP. Linux: Supported since Kernel 2.4.x.